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This is a bit of a change from what I planned to post about, but then I decided I didn't actually care enough about the original article in question!

However, one of the core topics was "Keeping Christmas Special", and by "Special" they mean Christian.

Now I am not a Christian. I am a born again Atheist of unwavering conviction.

That doesn't mean I don't enjoy Christmas. I love Christmas, and New Year. It's one of my favorite times of the year, where various traditions with both family and friends are celebrated and it's one of the few times of year where everybody is close enough to get together en mass.

I just find when people try so hard to keep a religious message in sight, the emotions they raise are more negative then positive, which seems to go against the spirit of the season. I don't have to be a Christan to spread goodwill, or to celebrate the turn of the year with friends and family.

I don't really care what religious significance people want to attach to this time of year, everyone is entitled to celebrate at this time of year for what ever reason so wish.... as long as it's fun!

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I made a bit of a mistake last night, - my Brother didn't get home till late and since I was on the phone when he got back, we ended up finally settling down to eat around 10:15pm. Less then ideal to say the least.

So by the time I had finished up everything I was working on, and letting my tea settle to the point I felt like going to bed, it got fairly late - around 1am. Not a problem in its self, except I'm taking sleeping pills currently.

As a result of taking them so late, this morning it was almost impossible to get out of bed on time. "Ooops" is a good word here. It didn't help that I pressed the wrong button on both my phone alarms, turning it off, not to snooze, so my back up was gone. So I guess it turns out if I get 7 hours sleep, I feel great, any less and my body really struggles.

Aside from this glitch though, my experience with sleeping pills has been positive so far - the ones I'm taking are described as "Sedative Hypnotics" which I think means they don't make you sleep directly (Or just knock you out), but put your brain into a mode where it can slip into sleep more easily.

And to be honest, I knew that you have to make sure you get enough sleep once you've taken them else your body isn't happy, so the fact I ended up sleeping right though my alarms isn't surprising. And luckily I got myself in gear and was only 15 mins late for work.

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If I were playing golf, but mid swing let go of my golf club, so it flew off and broke something - it wouldn't be the golf club manufacturers problem, it would be mine.

If I were playing basket ball and threw the ball into my window, it wouldn't be the ball manufacturers fault, it would be mine.

So why do people think, if they are playing on the Wii and let go of the controller, breaking something it's Nintendo's fault?? People need to get over it, claim on their insurance, and get one with life rather then trying to place blame somewhere else.

I do get that maybe the design could be better, maybe the controller is too slippery or something, or the people using it sweat freakish amounts, but people as with everything need to take responsibility for them selves.

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Never let it be said that the age scientific reasoning is gone.

In experiments vital to the survival of the human race, it has been shown that adult male rhesus macaque monkeys would rather look at pictures of "celebrity" female monkeys in their group, then have a drink of juicy juice when given the choice.

Full details of this ground breaking story here:

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Finally, the Wii has been announced for a UK release of December 8th. It was touch and go there, since there were rumours it might not be until March 2007. But, it's all officially now, just need to pick where to pre-order it from.

So I'm pretty stoked about it, better then the US 24th of November Date, since it means it falls after payday!

Time to get those old pokemon dusted off ready to import them to the new game (Which I'll need a DS for as well) and ready for online play as soon as that comes out (Not till next year I think, but hey, it might give me a bit of an edge)

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Well, it's been over a week since biff_larken proclaimed there was a new ep from the Polyphonic Spree out, and it's taken me that long to track it down online (I would have run to a shop, but it's not out here yet) - But, wow, was it worth the wait - I loved every track on it, a really upbeat collection of tracks that make it feel like summer again.

I really hope these guys are going some UK festival dates next year.

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Originally uploaded by trancegeek.
From lef to right:
Mr Yamez, Abbie, Me, Merfa Smean
Taken last Wednesday at a friends wedding.

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With only a few days officially left of summer, everything is settling down for a little while now, the whole of the last few months been a none stop flow of activity. Much of which escaped been blogged.

August saw me nipping up to the Edinburgh Fringe to see elvie and a bunch of comedy shows totally on the spur of the moment after a lucky find of cheap train tickets.

Creamfields this year was amazing, I spent about half of my time drifting around on my own, first to see Tiesto while the group I was with saw the prodigy, and later to see some other random acts and just chill out and take in the atmosphere. An added bonus this year been that we were able to walk home since it was so close - about an hours walk, setting off around 5am an hour before the official end, but the longest I've stayed before, and meant we didn't get stuck in the mass exodus at the end.

Just last Wednesday I was down in Leicester for a couple of friend's wedding. The first time I've been to the wedding of people I know socially, and will no doubt be the only reception that plays hardcore drum and bass tracks in a Grade One listed building. Not only was it a great service and reception, but it was good to be with both my brothers and our sister (Who I'd never really seen drunk before)

The week was rounded off with a big night out in town on Friday, again, the first time we'd really been out with our sister "properly" drinking, made more random by the fact we bumped into a couple of guys we hadn't seen for a few years. It's fun to catch up, particularly when he asks where is your other brother ( Reply: He's at home in Huddersfield, with his Baby) and how are Mike and Lo-Lo doing (Reply: They we're great when we saw them at their wedding a few days ago) - Stuff like that makes you feel old!

On top of everything else (Random Festivals, Days out to the Lakes and Races) there has been a ton of things which have made this a fantastic summer all around.

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I think I can seriously cover four festivals as a steward next year, probably:
Big Chill

Maybe others, as well. Oxfam do provide stewards for Glastonbury as well, but I’ll be doing that as full paid guest.

But it’s a good way to get into lots of festivals for free, obvously in exchange for working some shifts (Usually 3 shifts, of 8 hours) for the logistics to work though, I need to learn to drive.

See more progress on: Become an Oxfam Festival Steward

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Note: This was posted via - For LJ readers, my friend metioned is elvie ;o)

I’m back from the Edinburgh Fringe, 3 days of crazy and intense running around the city seeing shows, drinking, and hanging out with friends, and even a little bit of promoting my friends shows. (I didn’t do much other then push her around in a shopping trolley and hand out a couple of flyers)

A quick run down of what shows I saw:
Wednesday 16th August
  • The Big Value Comedy Show – 4 comics ranging from quiet, to very funny. A great time and cheap.
  • Keiretsu – An electro drum and bass outfit, fantastic high energy performance, but came on a little later then I would have like for a “live” gig, there was about an hour and a half of DJed music before hand, gigging on your own is great, but milling around in a half dead club atmosphere doesn’t cut it.
    Thursday 17th August
  • Out of a Suitcase – My friends play, the two guys performing put on a great show, and it’s cool to see something put together by someone you know. It wasn’t without it’s flaws, but nothing major and an overall enjoyable experience.
  • Retail Paradise Princess – My friend on stage, in a shopping trolley. A very intense and moving performance aided by some fantastic soundtrack choices, which I’m really glad I got a chance to see.
  • Die Clatterschenkenfietermaus – These guys are hilarious, certainly worth going to see them if you ever get the chance and apparently about to hit the big time with some stuff for the BBC.
  • The Murder Show – A very fun performance that takes the “Murder Mystery Party” format and puts it on stage, with each of the suspect comics improvising though the night, the audience moved between different sets, and a guest comic killed each night. We got to see Sue Perkins killed, who it turns out is a very funny lady. Plus we got two tickets for the price of one, bonus.
    Friday 18th August
  • Soup – The guys who do Die Clatterschenkenfietermaus and a couple of other comics in an experimental sketch show, we tried to see them on the Thursday but they got cancelled, but when we turned up to get tickets this time, they gave us to them for free! (I guess trying to make up numbers, so worked out great for us) Some of it was a bit weak, but they said right from the start some of it was to see what works, and what doesn’t, and it was still a good laugh.

On top of that, there are loads of street performances going on, which I stood and watched, I got to see in full perhaps six which caught my eye enough to make me stop and see it all. Plus snippets here and there for all kinds of things.

And then promoting my friends shows, which involved pushing her down the high street in a shopping trolley went really well until it started to rain – a lot. I can’t pretend I was that helpful, but it was a fun experience and I kept my eye on what approaches work, and what doesn’t for future reference.

So that’s it. A fun filled few days, and I’ll certainly be back for more next year, and hopefully getting more involved with something as well.

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